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Sun, Oracle and the European Union

Software Freedom Law Show episode 0x1C

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Karen and Bradley discuss Eben Moglen's letter to the European Commission regarding the Oracle acquisition of Sun.

Running time: 00:44:03.

Show Notes

Segment 0 (00:30)

Segment 1 (22:16)

  • Bradley said that if it were up to him, all published and deployed software in the world would be Free Software, and he wishes that the European Commission would require that for the merger to go through, but it's not their mandate to do such things. (23:50)
  • Bradley said if he could make a wish, that he'd wish the European Commission would put the MySQL code base into a non-profit entity chartered to never make MySQL proprietary, and to release it under GPLv3-or-later. (25:45)
  • Bradley pointed out that it might be good if before that, Oracle releases MySQL under GPLv3 to get the extra patent assurances, although Karen points out Eben's letter raises the issue that there is an implicit patent assurance from the GPLv2 release of MySQL already. (26:01)
  • Bradley talked briefly off-topic about the file, Double Indemnity. (26:30)
  • Bradley mentions Oracle's ownership of MySQL copyrights is dangerous because Oracle's goal is to take away software freedom from the world with regard to databases, by trying to get all users to switch to proprietary databases, and that they are likely to use the MySQL codebase toward this horrible mission. (29:40)
  • Bradley pointed out that any organization that isn't committing to releasing all its software as Free Software is a dangerous place for centralized copyright of a FLOSS codebase. (32:04)
  • Karen is skeptical about for-profit corporate control of Free Software because they will always focus on shareholder value over software freedom principles. (36:08)
  • Bradley tries not to start sentences with Look, but does so accidentally sometimes. (36:53)
  • Bradley pointed out that he believes the software freedom world would be better off if Oracle had not ported their proprietary databases to GNU/Linux. (38:00)
  • Bradley and Karen mentioned that the one year anniversary on 2009-11-11. (41:31)
  • Bradley mentioned Bashpodder and gpodder (42:00)

Tags: Europe, Oracle, anti-trust, gpl, for-profit, bkuhn, karen, Sun

Considerations on GPL Business Models

Software Freedom Law Show episode 0x14

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Bradley and Karen discuss a few different types of for-profit business models that are common around codebases licensed under the GPL.

Running time: 00:30:45.

Show Notes

Segment 0 (00:30)

  • Bradley mentioned Monty's blog post about the licensing of MySQL (01:10)
  • Bradley pointed out that “dual licensing” is a misleading term for a proprietary relicensing business model, as discussed on the Your Questions podcast. (02:33)
  • Bradley mentioned that he'd been making money as an independent consultant, which he wrote about in 2001 during the original Microsoft attacks on the GPL. (04:42)
  • Bradley mentioned Cygnus Solutions as a good model of a Free Software, GPL-based company. (06:54)
  • Bradley also mentioned Codesourcery as another example of a good GPL-based company (13:24)
  • Bradley mentioned Dave Neary's talk at OSCON, Does Working with Free Software Have to Be So Hard? (23:52)

Tags: bkuhn, karen, for-profit, gpl