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Considerations on GPL Business Models

Software Freedom Law Show episode 0x14

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Bradley and Karen discuss a few different types of for-profit business models that are common around codebases licensed under the GPL.

Running time: 00:30:45.

Show Notes

Segment 0 (00:30)

  • Bradley mentioned Monty's blog post about the licensing of MySQL (01:10)
  • Bradley pointed out that “dual licensing” is a misleading term for a proprietary relicensing business model, as discussed on the Your Questions podcast. (02:33)
  • Bradley mentioned that he'd been making money as an independent consultant, which he wrote about in 2001 during the original Microsoft attacks on the GPL. (04:42)
  • Bradley mentioned Cygnus Solutions as a good model of a Free Software, GPL-based company. (06:54)
  • Bradley also mentioned Codesourcery as another example of a good GPL-based company (13:24)
  • Bradley mentioned Dave Neary's talk at OSCON, Does Working with Free Software Have to Be So Hard? (23:52)

Tags: bkuhn, karen, for-profit, gpl

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