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Media for SFLC’s 2018 Fall Conference Now Available

Video recordings of our 2018 Fall Conference are now available in several formats. If you missed the event, or if you’d like to see it again, visit

We have also uploaded all of the videos to our YouTube channel. You can find the videos organized in order in a playlist here:

Eben Moglen Interviewed by Intellectual Property Watch

On November 7th, 2018, Intellectual Property Watch published an article by David Branigan titled “‘Peace Has Broken Out’ In Software Development, Heralding Open Source As The Future”. The article, which is only available to subscribers of Intellectual Property Watch, details the discussions about patent peace at SFLC’s 2018 Fall Conference, which took place on Friday, November, 2nd, 2018.

The article begins by documenting one notable panel discussion at our conference featuring Eben Moglen, Keith Bergelt of the Open Invention Network, and Nicolas Schifano of Microsoft. It also reports on an exclusive interview with Eben Moglen conducted by Intellectual Property Watch’s David Branigan after the conference. The interview explores how peace was won between the FOSS community and big technology companies.


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Additional Companies Join Red Hat’s GPLv3 Termination Policy for GPLv2 Programs

Yesterday additional companies—including CA Technologies, Cisco, HPE, Microsoft SAP, SUSE—joined Red Hat, Facebook, Google and IBM in agreeing to use GPLv3 “cure period” termination provisions with respect to their own GPLv2-licensed works, and as an additional permission on their contributions to other GPLv2-licensed programs. We at SFLC welcome this step, and we hope that other licensors will join the approach Red Hat has so successfully pioneered.


Conservancy: How and Why We Should Settle

Yesterday marks three years that I have been trying to negotiate a peaceful settlement with my ex-employees, Karen Sandler and Bradley Kuhn, of various complaints SFLC and I have about the way they treat us. After all this time when they would not even meet with us to discuss our issues, the involvement of the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board in one aspect of the matter has at least created a space for structured discussion. Intermediaries both organizations work with and trust have generously taken the opportunity to communicate our settlement proposals, and we have initiated discussion through counsel. As transparency is, indeed, a valued commitment in the free software world, we think it is now time to publish our offer:



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