Mishi Choudhary Departs SFLC

August 24, 2022

After 17 years with SFLC, Legal Director Mishi Choudhary will depart to become General Counsel and Senior Vice-President at Virtru.

Ms. Choudhary began working with SFLC in 2006, held the first SFLC Graduate Fellowship for LLM study at Columbia Law School, and became Legal Director in 2015. She has represented SFLC clients across the entire range of FOSS communities, including the Free Software Foundation, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Linux Foundation, Debian, Ethereum, the Apache Software Foundation, and OpenSSL. She founded and developed SFLC’s FOSS Code of Conduct practice, assisting FOSS non-profits and unaffiliated projects to develop and administer CoC policies. She has served as the Code of Conduct mediator for the Linux kernel community, among many others.

In 2010, Ms. Choudhary founded, SFLC’s sister organization in India. Under her leadership and with SFLC’s support, has become the premier Internet freedom policy, research and training institute in humanity’s largest society.

“There is no part of the success of SFLC to which Mishi has not profoundly contributed,” said Columbia Law School Professor Eben Moglen, SFLC’s founder and Executive Director. “Her brilliance and precision as a lawyer; her adroitness as a mediator, negotiator and diplomat; her style and wit as a writer and speaker; her blunt honesty and unfailing judgment as a counselor and law partner have made us what we are. She is a creator and builder; it has been a privilege and honor to practice with her. I look forward to continuing to work with Mishi in other roles, and I wish her all success in her new endeavors.”

“I am deeply grateful to Eben for opening the wonderful world of collaborative production and Internet Freedom to me,” Ms. Choudhary says. “I have had the great opportunity to represent some of the world’s most important FOSS projects who are on the cutting edge of innovation. Now I take the knowledge and relationships built over years to bring more privacy and security to the world. I am very excited to join the team at Virtru and will continue to work in Free and Open Source community in my new role.”

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