The Software Freedom Law Center website is built to conform to web standards, including HTML5. Like the rest of the free web, it is best viewed in a standards-compliant free software web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Chromium.


We use the following free fonts, optimized by [FontSquirrel’s @font-face generator](

We got Junction, Sorts Mill Goudy, and Blackout from the excellent collection of free fonts curated by the League of Moveable Type.


SFLC’s “frdm” logo was designed by Ben Mauer of Our current design is by Aaron Williamson, who borrowed heavily from Dan Cedarholm’s work in the excellent book Handcrafted CSS. Thanks also to J.B. Nicholson-Owens for patches improving our CSS’s cross-browser support. The mimetype icons on our Publications page are from the Silk icons set by Mark James (CC-BY 2.5).


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