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Free Software Project Non-Profit Existence

Free as in Freedom episode 0x0b

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Bradley and Karen have an introductory discussion on how non-profit governance interacts with Free Software projects and what issues are important for developers who want their project to have a non-profit existence.

Running time: 00:34:42.

Show Notes

Segment 0 (00:37)

  • Bradley and Karen began the discussion by commenting on this blog post by Andy Updegrove about non-profit governance. (01:50)
  • Bradley and Karen tend to agree that non-profit settings are better places to foster and help Free Software development. (03:40)
  • Bradley mentioned that Roland McGrath wrote GNU C Library (and other GNU programs) while working as an employee at the FSF, and many of those programs are now often maintained by Red Hat (or other company's) developers, under the auspices of the GNU project, as overseen by the FSF. (04:50)
  • Corporate form and organization questions should be secondary to project leadership ones. (09:50)
  • One of the most important things is to have an organization in a place where people are willing to do the work to keep the organization going. (20:10)
  • Enthusiasm to keep the organization running is the most important resource for running the organization. (22:26)

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GRUB, Zulu Foxtrot Sierra

Free as in Freedom episode 0x06

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  • Bradley and Karen discussed the inclusion of ZFS code now included in GRUB, as the GRUB Project announced and was covered at LWN by Jonathan Corbet.
  • Running time: 00:47:58.

    Show Notes

    Segment 0 (00:35)

    Final (45:45)

    • The calendar Bradley was thinking of was the International Fixed Calendar, which Wikipedia confirms, with a sourced link, was used by the Eastman Kodak Company from rom 1928 to 1989.

    Tags: bkuhn, karen, fsf, conservancy, gplv3, copyrights

    Free of Annoying Buzz

    Free as in Freedom episode 0x01

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    Bradley and Karen discuss the new license of their show, multi-platform Free Software projects and conferences Bradley attended this month.

    Running time: 00:46:13.

    Show Notes

    Segment 0 (00:32)

    • All recordings for the first 0x01 attempt had an annoying audio buzz. (01:18)
    • The Free as in Freedom oggcast is now licensed CC-By-SA 3.0 Unported (03:10)
    • Karl Fogel is Executive Director of Question Copyright. (03:35)
    • Karen mentioned the Free Culture definition. (08:22)
    • Larry Lessig presented to an FSF Members Meeting using Mac. (09:22)
    • Bradley and Karen argued about whether or not OpenOffice.org and/or Firefox run better on non-GNU/Linux systems than on GNU/Linux. (18:00)
    • Bradley and Karen argued about whether or not otherwise proprietary company control of Free Software causes problems by default. (21:10)

    Segment 1 (27:00)

    • Lara Moy got Ubuntu running on her Mac hardware. (27:30)
    • Bradley attended the jQuery Conference Boston 2010 (28:30)
    • Bradley was at the Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit. (36:26)

    Tags: bkuhn, karen, conservancy, creative-commons

    Goodbye, and Ahoy Hoy!

    Software Freedom Law Show episode 0x2e & 0x00

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    Bradley and Karen announced that the Software Freedom Law Show is over. Karen and Bradley announced a new show, called Free as in Freedom, that is a joint effort by Karen (still at the SFLC) and Bradley (no longer at SFLC).

    Running time: 00:32:32.

    Show Notes

    Segment 0 (00:28)

    • Bradley mentioned OsamaK is not happy at Bradley and Karen for not having a new oggcast for a month. (00:45)
    • Bradley no long works at the Software Freedom Law Center. He now works full time at the Software Freedom Conservancy. (02:00)
    • Bradley thinks everything related to FLOSS should be called “Software Freedom”. (03:10)
    • Karen and Bradley mention that many people in the software freedom world are involved in multiple organizations. (04:00)
    • Karen is an officer and lawyer to Software Freedom Conservancy. (04:30)
    • Conservancy provides non-profit infrastructure and services. (05:10)
    • Conservancy helps software freedom projects focus on development, and aggregate projects into one place. (06:20)
    • Conservancy will be expanding its service plan now that Bradley is full time. (06:46)
    • Conservancy will try do copyright assignment in a community-focused way, only if the developers want it. Conservancy will also do much more GPL enforcement than it has previously. (07:20)
    • Bradley mentioned that Matthew Garrett has been doing some GPL enforcement, and Bradley thanked him for it publicly. (07:50)
    • Karen thinks we'll see more enforcement over time, by more people. (08:14)
    • Bradley wants to help Conservancy's member projects do more fundraising for initiatives to fund software development activity. (08:40)
    • Bradley mentioned that Matt Mackall is doing Mercurial development funded through Conservancy. (09:20)
    • As of earlier this year, Bradley is a volunteer director of the FSF, and now has additional volunteer work that he needs to do, while Conservancy (his former volunteer work) becomes his day job. (11:09)
    • Bradley mentions that once you start doing something in the software freedom world, it's hard to stop once people start to rely on your work. (12:30)
    • Conservancy handles a lot of “boring” but essential stuff for developers to continue in their project. (14:20)
    • Bradley mentioned that his early volunteer work at FSF was also doing the boring stuff, and indeed a lot of his work has been willing to do the boring stuff (15:30)
    • Karen mentions that no one fights over the work that just needs to get done. (16:30)
    • Bradley discussed the fact that for-profit corporate control of projects is dangerous, and one of the things Conservancy and similar non-profits offers is an opportunity to have a non-profit with the public interest at heart in the center of their community. (17:39)
    • Bradley mentioned the LibreOffice by the Document Foundation (18:03)
    • Karen points out that for-profit and non-profit go hand-in-hand. But, Bradley argues that steward of a FLOSS project should always be a non-profit. Karen agrees. (19:00-19:30)
    • Bradley doesn't really believe that there are projects that would “never happen” without a for-profit company starting it. Karen disagrees.
    • The Software Freedom Law Show is over This is the last episode of the Software Freedom Law Show. (21:10)
    • Karen will make sure that the SFLC RSS feeds remain valid. Bradley points out that there are new RSS feeds for both the mp3 version and the ogg version of the new show, Free as in Freedom (21:33, 22:41)
    • The new show is basically just the Karen and Bradley show, now named Free as in Freedom, hosted on faif.us. (23:43)
    • Bradley mentioned that everywhere he's ever worked, he always had root on most of the boxes. He doesn't know what it's like to work somewhere and not have root. (27:50)
    • Karen got in trouble at her first law firm job for installing software on computers. (28:21)
    • Dan Scott sent a gift to Bradley and Karen Soap with 20-Ds in them.

    Tags: bkuhn, karen, sflc, conservancy, non-profits

    Software Freedom Law Show: Episode 0x2D:Updated Discussion


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    Karen and Bradley discuss the enforcement activities of the Software Freedom Conservancy, recent conferences and medical devices.

    Running time: 35:21.

    Show Notes

    Segment 0 (00:33)

    Motions for Judgment

    Software Freedom Law Show episode 0x29

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    Karen, Bradley and Aaron talk about SFLC's motion for default judgment against Westinghouse Digital Electronics, a defendant in the ongoing lawsuit concerning GPL violations of BusyBox.

    Running time: 38:15.

    Show Notes

    Segment 0 (00:33)

    • Bradley quoted from Act I Scene II of Hamlet, in which he once played Bernardo in a college production. Karen never played Bernardo (01:02)
    • Aaron mentioned Shakespeare's son Hamnet. (01:53)
    • The play Karen quotes from is indeed Julius Caesar. She forgot that she also had the lines: “My lord?” and “I will, my lord. ”(02:25)
    • The Bilski decision once again did not come out this week. The Supreme Court publishes all decisions on its website. The SCOTUS blog provides up to date information about the court schedule, including a live blog on the mornings when decisions are announced.(03:03)
    • Karen thinks that Aaron and Bradley do not know that the cake is a lie. (03:54)
    • Karen mentions patent number 3,987,541: Cutting guide for layered cake. (04:39)
    • SFLC filed a motion in the Southern District of New York against Westinghouse Digital Electronics, a defendant in the ongoing lawsuit concerning GPL violations of BusyBox. (05:10)
    • The original complaint in the ongoing case can be found here. (08:05)
    • The motion for default judgment or summary judgment can be found here. (09:00)
    • Shira Scheindlin is not related to Judge Judy, at least to the best of our knowledge. (10:23)
    • Karen mentioned Serving Sara, so we provide the obligatory IMDB link. Other sources for how service should be provided would probably be more reliable. (15:30)
    • Sewer service, as described by Aaron, is invalid service. Or you can use google, but that will mostly teach you about sewers and their maintenance. (18:46)

    Tags: compliance, copyrights, gpl, aaronw, bkuhn, karen, sflc, conservancy

    Checking Up on Non-Profits

    Software Freedom Law Show episode 0x19

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    Bradley and Karen discuss the USA IRS Form 990, which non-profit donors can use to understand and check up on the activities of charitable organizations in the USA.

    Running time: 00:49:26.

    Show Notes

    Segment 0 (00:34)

    Segment 1 (12:24)

    Tags: bkuhn, karen, conservancy, non-profits

    Introducing the Software Freedom Law Show

    The Software Freedom Law Show episode 0x00

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    The Software Freedom Law Center is proud to announce its new podcast, The Software Freedom Law Show. Hosted by Bradley M. Kuhn and Karen Sandler, this bi-weekly podcast will bring interviews and explanations on legal issues related to Free, Libre and Open Software Software (FLOSS).

    Our first episode introduces the format and the hosts interview each other so you can get to know them better.

    Running time: 00:32:39.

    Show Notes

    Our first episode introduces the format and the hosts.

    Segment 0 (at 00:23)

    Segment 1 (at 16:17)


    (Done by hand, currently. ;)

    Tags: bkuhn, karen, numbering, fsf, sflc, conservancy