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Free of Annoying Buzz

Free as in Freedom episode 0x01

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Bradley and Karen discuss the new license of their show, multi-platform Free Software projects and conferences Bradley attended this month.

Running time: 00:46:13.

Show Notes

Segment 0 (00:32)

  • All recordings for the first 0x01 attempt had an annoying audio buzz. (01:18)
  • The Free as in Freedom oggcast is now licensed CC-By-SA 3.0 Unported (03:10)
  • Karl Fogel is Executive Director of Question Copyright. (03:35)
  • Karen mentioned the Free Culture definition. (08:22)
  • Larry Lessig presented to an FSF Members Meeting using Mac. (09:22)
  • Bradley and Karen argued about whether or not OpenOffice.org and/or Firefox run better on non-GNU/Linux systems than on GNU/Linux. (18:00)
  • Bradley and Karen argued about whether or not otherwise proprietary company control of Free Software causes problems by default. (21:10)

Segment 1 (27:00)

  • Lara Moy got Ubuntu running on her Mac hardware. (27:30)
  • Bradley attended the jQuery Conference Boston 2010 (28:30)
  • Bradley was at the Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit. (36:26)

Tags: bkuhn, karen, conservancy, creative-commons

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