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Needs of the Few

Free as in Freedom episode 0x02

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Karen and Bradley discuss Stormy Peters' departure from the GNOME Foundation, an issue of deep confusion regarding copyright licensing, and references to Spock in a recent court decision.

Running time: 00:39:56.

Show Notes

Segment 0 (00:35)

Segment 1 (15:43)

  • A LiveJournal post introduced an interesting issue of copyright confusion. (16:30)
  • Karen mentioned there was discussion in other fora other than the original LiveJournal post, such as on the NY Frunch (Free Culture Lunch) mailing list and, since then, on NPR. (17:24)
  • Bradley mentioned Fanzines, wondering if there are still fanzines. (18:57)
  • Karen pointed out that both copyright infringement and plagiarism were at issue here. (20:25)
  • Bradley is quite upset about the idea that people confuse public domain with FaiF licensing or any other actual license terms. (21:00)
  • Karen notes that if you don't see a license, you have to assume it's all rights reserved. (23:10)
  • Bradley described a Slashdot story that linked to a Techdirt article. (30:29)
  • A footnote in the concurrence is what mentions Star Trek (33:03) .
  • Bradley mentioned a mediocre novel he read in the 1990s called Brain Storm by Richard Dooling. (33:26)

Tags: bkuhn, karen, copyrights, Stormy Peters, public domain, Star Trek