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Eben on Software Liability

Software Freedom Law Show episode 0x2c

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Eben talks about "When Software is in Everything: Future Liability Nightmares Free Software Helps Avoid" to the Scottish Society for Computers and Law (SSCL) in Edinburgh, Scotland on June 30. Karen and Bradley introduce the talk to listeners.

Running time: 00:52:06.

Show Notes

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Eben Moglen on Origins of Copyright and Patents

Software Freedom Law Show episode 0x05

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In a speech recorded in December 2008, Eben Moglen speaks about the origins of copyright and patents from a historical perspective.

Running time: 00:54:50.

Show Notes

[Photo of Eben Moglen]

This episode features a recording of Eben Moglen's keynote, entitled Collaborative Innovation for Development: Enlarging the Global Commons at the Knowledge Commons' Collaborative Innovation for Development conference on Enlarging the Global Commons in New Delhi, India on 6 December 2008.

In the speech, Eben discusses in depth the origins of the copyright and patent system, and how Free Software interacts with that history.

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