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Justin Erenkrantz of the Apache Software Foundation

Software Freedom Law Show episode 0x13

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Bradley and Karen interview Justin Erenkrantz of the Apache Software Foundation.

Running time: 00:30:13.

Show Notes

Segment 0 (00:32)

Segment 1 (05:23)

[Photo of Justin Erenkrantz]
  • Justin mentioned the tenth anniversary of Apache Foundation which will be celebrated at their conferences. (05:42)
  • Justin mentioned Roy Fielding, who was a founding director of the Apache Software Foundation. (06:55)
  • Justin and Bradley discussed the benefits of the Apache 2.0 License, particularly its patent provisions. (07:45)
  • Justin talked about the Apache Incubator, where new projects come to Apache. (16:01)
  • Justin mentioned Spam Assassin was one of the first to come through the Incubator. (16:41)
  • The Apache Foundation seeks to free up developers to hack so they don't need to worry about organizational issues (18:05)
  • According to Justin, Apache Foundation does not support individual project targeted donations. (19:20)
  • Apache Foundation gives PR and marketing support to projects. (21:01)
  • Microsoft became a platinum fiscal sponsor of Apache Foundation last year, and Justin reports that now Microsoft employees are contributing code. (22:05)
  • Justin encourages everyone to attend ApacheCon US. (25:30)

Segment 2 (26:07)

  • Bradley mentioned that one of the key benefits of Apache Foundation appears to be the mentoring for both individuals and companies. (26:50)

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