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Dan's Software Patent Presentation

Software Freedom Law Show episode 0x28

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Karen and Bradley play Dan Ravicher's speech from a conference held by Freedom to Innovate South Africa (FTISA) in Pretoria on software patents.

Running time: 52:51.

Show Notes

Segment 0 (00:33)

  • Karen and Bradley thank listeners for providing ideas for future episodes. (01:05)
  • Dan Ravicher, our “elusive” guest, is the Legal Director of SFLC. (02:40)
  • The Bilski decision did not come out this week. The Supreme Court publishes all decisions on its website. The SCOTUS blog provides up to date information about the court schedule, including a live blog on the mornings when decisions are announced.(03:34)
  • Karen mentioned Patent Absurdity, a short movie that features Dan (Karen's also interviewed). (06:21)
  • Bradley points out the previous episodes about patents: Episode 0x18: Re Bilski's Briefs and Episode 0x0C: Patently False. (06:43)

Segment 1 (07:06)

  • Slides for the talk are available here.

Segment 2 (50:11)

Tags: bkuhn, karen, patents, ravicher

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