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Stormy Peters of the GNOME Foundation

Software Freedom Law Show episode 0x0D

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Bradley and Karen interview the Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation, Stormy Peters.

Running time: 00:35:22.

Show Notes

Segment 0 (00:29)

  • Karen mentioned the Delta Delta Delta Saturday Night Live skit, when referring to the show number, 0x0D. (00:36)
  • Bradley referred to his confusion two episodes ago about mentioning Nehru jackets (00:57). Bradley meant to say “satin baseball jacket”, to refer to the Dead Kennedys' song MTV Get Off The Air. (01:05), but reference to Producer Dan made him think of music and the Beatles first, for various reasons. (Producer Dan's opinions on the Beatles still pending.)
  • Bradley mentioned that the only way to talk about music with Free Software is to talk about the Free Software Song, which wouldn't be a good idea. (02:20)
  • Bradley mentioned we hadn't previously had SFLC's clients as guests on the show, but Bradley forgot that on the third show, 0x02, Brett Smith of the Free Software Foundation was the guest. (02:50)
  • This week's guest is Stormy Peters, Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation can be found as storming on identi.ca. (03:35)

Segment 1 (05:00)

[Photo of Stormy Peters]

Segment 2 (29:29)

  • Bradley could find no easy online references to the old arguments about KDE being six months ahead of GNOME. He is somewhat relieved this is the case. (30:24)
  • Bradley mentioned the Travelocity gnome. (32:10)
  • Bradley mentioned that a gnome is featured in the 2001 film, Amélie, being photographed around the world (32:30)
  • Bradley mentioned that Free Software author Loïc Dachary does the same thing with a duck.

Tags: bkuhn, karen, Stormy Peters, non-profits, gnome

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