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A Guide to GPL Compliance

Software Freedom Law Show episode 0x0A

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This episode is primarily composed of a recorded speech that Bradley made on complying with the GPL. An introduction and wrap-up segment with Bradley and Karen is included.

Note: The audio available for this podcast between 06:06 and 10:45 US/Eastern on 31 March 2009 had a mono/stereo issue. That has been corrected. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Running time: 00:56:26.

Show Notes

Segment 0 (00:29)

Segment 1 (06:53)

You can follow along with the slides during this segment.

To follow along with the slides, note the time indices at the end of each bullet point. When the time on the podcast reaches the index listed at the end of a given bullet point, it is time to switch to the next bullet point (with space). The slides should work in any Javascript-enabled browser.

Segment 2 (52:58)

The Compliance Guide has since been made available since the talk was recorded. (53:56).

Tags: bkuhn, karen, sflc, gplv3, compliance

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