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Amicus Brief in Jacobsen v. Katzer

Software Freedom Law Show episode Secial Episode 1

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Karen and Bradley discuss the SFLC's amicus brief in the Jacobsen v. Katzer with their colleague, Aaron Williamson.

Running time: 00:19:01.

Show Notes

Segment 0 (00:27)

  • Bradley referred to the two different types of Latin pronunciation, which he learned in school as: Classic and Church. (01:33)
  • Karen explains what an amicus brief is. (01:47)
  • Aaron explained that the earlier court ruling that was a success for Free Software. (03:38)
  • An injunction in this context is a ruling from a court that the violator of the license must stop their activity that infringes the copyright. (05:46)
  • Karen explained why Free Software licenses are interpreted as copyright licenses rather than contracts, and why that is advantageous. (06:15)
  • Aaron explained why preliminary injunctions are a particular important remedy for Free Software developers. (07:00)
  • Karen mentioned we would have a direct link to our brief in the show notes, which is there and in the summary as well. (10:45)
  • Bradley mentioned his work regarding the Artistic-1.0 license (which is detailed in a blog post). (11:30, 13:30)
  • Each court has a different admission process. (14:27)

Tags: bkuhn, karen, copyrights, aaronw, jacobsen

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