SFLC Fall 2017 Conference
Video Recordings

Archival video from our Nov. 3nd, 2017 conference. See the event page for program and details.

Opening Remarks, Keynote Address (1hr 11min, WebM, 794 MiB)

Session I Part A: Licenses as Shared Resources (51min, WebM, 577 MiB)

Session I Part B: Update on OpenChain (32min, WebM, 365 MiB)

Session I Part C: Kernel Enforcement Statement (27min, WebM, 303 MiB)

Session II: Fintech and Foss (1hr 39min, WebM, 1117 MiB)

Session III: Software Freedom Law Center Presentations (1hr 5min, WebM, 722 MiB)

Acknowledgements (12min, WebM, 131 MiB)

Closing Remarks (19min, WebM, 275 MiB)