Law Professor Eben Moglen Issues Statement on Carpenter v. United States

June 22, 2018

Professor Eben Moglen has issued a statement on the significance of the Supreme Court’s decision in Carpenter v. United States. Eben Moglen is the President, Executive Director, and Founder of the Software Freedom Law Center and Professor of Law at Columbia Law School, where he teaches the courses Law in the Internet Society and Computers, Privacy and the Law, among other courses. He is a legal expert on the Fourth Amendment, constitutional law, privacy law, and the governance of emerging digital technologies.

Professor Moglen’s statement is below:

The decision in Carpenter v. United States is a groundbreaking change in the application of the Fourth Amendment in digital society. By stating that the pervasive geographic location data assembled by cellular providers is not insulated from the warrant requirement even though it is information collected by third parties, the Court has fundamentally changed the principles underlying the application of the Amendment before today. The Court has stated that its present decision is narrow and factual, but a flood of further cases will seek to widen the meaning of today’s opinion.

Press Inquiries:

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