SFLC Receives Grant for Work in India

Many Activities Planned in India for December

December 6, 2008

SFLC is pleased to announce that it has received a grant from Soros Foundation’s Open Society Institute. SFLC is delighted to work with OSI to provide legal support to Indian institutions seeking, through free exchange of knowledge, to better the lives of people throughout India. Pursuant to the grant, SFLC’s Executive Director, Eben Moglen, and the founding Director of a new SFLC India, Mishi Choudhary, will visit in India this month for a series of activities in support of the Free Software community.

Moglen and Choudary will attend the Second International Conference on Freedom in Computing, Development and Culture in Kerala. Kerala’s State Government remains one the leading governments in the world in the adoption of Free Software as both technology and philosophy in its educational system.

In cooperation with the Delhi Social Forum in New Delhi, they also will attend the conference on Collaborative Innovation for Development: Enlarging the Global Commons. Moglen will deliver the keynote address for this event.

These and other public events accompany SFLC’s work, in collaboration with other organizations, to develop legal strategies in response to software patenting experiments in the Indian Patent Office. In addition to this anti-patent initiative, Moglen and Choudary will meet with industrial leaders and government officials to discuss the future of Free Software in Indian government and commerce Throughout this trip, Moglen and Choudary will further the ongoing work to create an independent SFLC India, which will be headquartered in New Delhi.

In Bangalore, Moglen will also speak at the National Law School of India University, the Indian Institute of Science, the Indian Institute of Management and Christ University.

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