Eben Moglen speaking at HOPE conference in NY

Where: Hotel Pennsylvania, NY, NY

When: 2012-7-15 13:00

Who: Eben Moglen

This Sunday, Eben Moglen will be speaking at the ninth annual Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE) conference at the Hotel Pennsylvania, in midtown Manhattan. His talk will be called “How to Retrofit the First Law of Robotics


We live with robots now, as we always knew we would. But they have no hands or feet. We carry them in our pockets. They see what we see. They hear what we hear. They always know where we are. But they do not work for us, and they are not programmed to obey the First Law. Profit made them, profit runs them, and they hurt us every day. Free Software can retrofit the First Law of Robotics into the robots we call cell phones, but those who control the robots don’t want freedom inside. That’s where we come in. This talk will discuss how.

HOPE Number Nine
The Hotel Pennsylvania, NYC
Sunday, 2012 July 15
1:00 PM in room “Dennis”

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