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Karen Sandler will present a talk entitled Free Software on Medical Devices: Unchain My Heart at the Open Source Software Convention 2010 in Portland, OR.

Eben Moglen will deliver the annual lecture of The Scottish Society for Computers and Law (SSCL) in Edinburgh, Scotland on June 30.

Description: Toyota will be remembered as the beginning, though there were earlier signs everyone missed; soon it will be medical devices, non-automotive as well as automotive transport, utility delivery, and even the building components of our dwellings and offices. Software is in everything, and software failure presents problems of vulnerability and liability about to expand by orders of magnitude in complexity and cost. Software unfreedom and misuse aggravates the problems immeasurably for both private market participants and government regulators. Free software is not merely helpful, but an obligatory part of the solution. In this talk, Moglen will discuss what lawyers in the IT sector can expect in the future and explain how the liability nightmare can be avoided.

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